Bordeaux Back Ahead in iRacing SCCA SRF Challenge

We are in familiar territory now, most of the way through the season with just a few weeks left, and where is Tommy Bordeaux? Suddenly at the top of the podium! If you remember back to last season, around this time we released an update titled “Bordeaux upsets podium”. Well, Bordeaux strikes again!


The points race has been a close one all season with just a wins-worth of points holding the podium together. Bordeaux scored an excellent win and managed to push himself to the top of the podium. Zachary Le Vey is impossibly close, too, only about 20 points back. That same 20-point gap is what separates third, fourth and fifth place! There is a ton of shuffling going on in this top ten as Brett Holton has managed to gain three positions this week. Keep your eyes on this race, it will only get hotter in these closing weeks! These drivers are fighting for their positions, and we expect to see more upsets. It is certainly still anyone’s race!


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Below are the current standings with position, name and points.


1 - Tommy Bordeaux, 895

2 - Zachary Le Vey, 873

3 - Brett Holton, 543

4 - Steve Owens, 537

5 - John Young, 527

6 - Dustin Decker, 307

7 - Zachary Rivard, 283

8 - Suraj Pradhan, 271

9 - Jeffrey Minor, 201

10 - Joel Bruns, 166

11 - Patrick Prevenas, 153

12 - Nathan Gess, 150

13 - Max King, 103

14 - Eric Parker, 95

15 - Cyrus Durgin, 86

16 - Daniel Doerr, 63

17 - Todd Rushing, 57

18 - Scott Angelo, 51

19 - Zane Plumley, 15

20 - Jon Spears, 13