A Faster Track to Following Open Proposals
The SEB has been exploring ways to give the membership better visibility to open proposals and rule changes.  This was a topic at the Town Hall in Lincoln in 2018 and we have the first version available for the members.  We have consolidated the information published in the Fastrack for easy monitoring of what is open and being discussed.  We hope to automate this in the future.  
Doug Gill maintains a page on the SCCA website.   
Here you can find lots of useful information.
  1. The new Open Proposal link
  2. The most recent version the Solo Rule Book (SRB)
  3. The rules process "cheat sheet"
  4. Consolidated Fastracks by year
Along with many other useful links to the Solo Community. 
Please take an opportunity to look at the Open Proposal listings.  Feedback is welcome on how we can make this more useful.